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The Glannon Guide to Evidence, Third Edition

Michael Avery


  • ISBN: 9798886140637

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    The Glannon Guide to Evidence provides a practical, and theoretically solid, aid to learning the Federal Rules of Evidence. Straightforward explanations of the Rules and illustrative examples in down-to-earth language provide a supplement to an Evidence class that will remove any confusion as to how the Rules should be interpreted. Based on decades of trying cases and classroom teaching, Prof. Avery is familiar with the most common mistakes lawyers and students make in applying the Rules and has designed these materials to highlight typical errors and correct them. Each multiple-choice question has tempting, but incorrect, answer choices, and then an explanation in simple and direct language that clarifies the rule. The student who works through these questions will be well prepared for Evidence exams and courtroom challenges.

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    Publication Date: 12/14/2022
    Copyright: 2023
    Pages: 352
    Paperback: 9798886140637