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Inside Administrative Law: What Matters and Why, Second Edition

Jack M. Beermann


  • ISBN: 9781543815740

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    Inside Administrative Law: What Matters and Why is a comprehensive, in-depth yet clear and readable study of Administrative Law, designed to help motivated students succeed in Administrative Law courses and all courses touching on the regulatory state and separation of powers.  Written by a distinguished teacher with more than thirty years of experience teaching Administrative Law in law schools in the United States and abroad, it is written and designed with law students’ needs in mind. Inside Administrative Law is the perfect supplement to any casebook, with extensive coverage of separation of powers, availability and standards of judicial review, constitutional due process, adjudicatory and rulemaking procedures, freedom of information and alternatives to traditional judicial review including private remedies for regulatory violations. Inside Administrative Law is user-friendly for law students and practitioners who need a concise reference on Administrative Law concepts.

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    Publication Date:  5/25/20
    Copyright Year: 2020
    Pages: 416
    Print: 9781543815740