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Modern Real Estate Finance and Land Transfer: A Transactional Approach, Sixth Edition

Steven W. Bender, Celeste M. Hammond, Robert M. Zinman


  • ISBN: 9781454898115

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    Modern Real Estate Finance and Land Transfer—sophisticated, yet teachable—explains the increasingly complex legal, business, and tax issues surrounding real estate transactions with discussion relevant to both commercial and residential situations. Through a transactional and interdisciplinary approach, students learn the general rules of law, their underlying rationale or policy, and how (or whether) a rule can be superseded by the mutual consent. Real-world examples help foster practical skills required of attorneys in real estate firms, and the text is appropriate for both a basic Real Estate Transactions or Finance course and also advanced seminars. Topical and chronological organization features coverage of both Real Estate Sales and Real Estate Finance and follows the lending cycle in modern financing. Questions and planning problems help students examine issues in the context of relevant transactions and documents for sale, finance, leasing, and development transactions. The authors are scholar-practitioners who skillfully mix practical skills and theory students will need in today’s competitive legal markets.

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    Publication Date: 2/28/2018
    Copyright: 2018
    Hardcover: 9781454898115

    Summary of Contents


    Chapter 1. The Nature of Modern Real Estate Transactions
    Part I. Fundamentals of Land Transfer
    Chapter 2. Overview of Contracts for Sale and the Conveyancing Process

    Part II. Fundamentals of Real Estate Finance
    Chapter 3. The Nature of a Mortgage and Mortgage Substitutes
    Chapter 4. Preclosing Terms and Conditions of the Mortgage Loan Commitment
    Chapter 5. Postclosing Terms of the Mortgage Loan Commitment
    Chapter 6. Construction Financing
    Chapter 7. Refinancing, Secondary Financing, and High-Ratio Financing
    Chapter 8. Defaults, Workouts, and Foreclosure
    Chapter 9. Lender Liability

    Part III. Fundamentals of Commercial Real Estate Leasing
    Chapter 10. Overview of Commercial Leasing Transactions
    Chapter 11. Leasehold and Leaseback Financing

    Part IV. Fundamentals of Real Estate Investment
    Chapter 12. Economics of Real Estate Investments
    Chapter 13. Overview of Taxation of Real Estate Investments
    Chapter 14. Selection of the Ownership Entity
    Chapter 15. Securitization

    Part V. Overview of Important Issues in Modern Real Estate Transactions
    Chapter 16. Common Interest Communities: Condominiums, Cooperatives, and Planned Communities
    Chapter 17. Negotiations, Mediation, and Arbitration
    Chapter 18. The Impact of Bankruptcy on Real Estate Transactions
    Chapter 19. Environmental Liabilities in Real Estate Transactions

    Table of Cases

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