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Criminal Law: An Introduction for Criminal Justice Professionals Second Edition

Neal R. Bevans


  • ISBN: 9781543822212

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  • Description

    Criminal Law:  An Introduction for Criminal Justice Professionals is a student-friendly, practical, and timely overview of the essential topics in the field. Designed with the student in mind, Neal R. Bevans brings his wealth of experience as a prosecutor, defense attorney, and author to this accessible textbook. With broad coverage that balances theoretical discussions with practical examples of how criminal law works in the real world, students will gain a solid foundation in the fundamentals of the law, as well as an understanding of how to apply what they have learned. Each area of crime is presented and explored, with special emphasis placed on how the offenses are proven in a criminal trial.

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    Publication Date: 6/28/21
    Copyright Year: 2021
    Pages: 450
    Print: 9781543822212

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