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Glannon Guide to Criminal Procedure: Learning Criminal Procedure Through Multiple-Choice Questions and Analysis, Fourth Edition

John Kip Cornwell


  • ISBN: 9781454899099

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  • Description

    Law school classroom lectures can leave you with a lot of questions.

    Glannon Guides can help you better understand your classroom lecture with straightforward explanations of tough concepts with hypos that help you understand their application.

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    Publication Date: 9/14/2018
    Copyright: 2018
    Pages: 368
    Paperback: 9781454894223
    Digital Only CasebookConnect: 9781454899099
    Ebook: 9781543804720

    Summary of Contents


    1. A Very Short Introduction
    2. Historical Antecedents and the Rise of Privacy
    3. The Sanctity of the Home
    4. Technological Incursions on Private Spaces
    5. Private Information
    6. Privacy in Your Person and Effects
    7. The Warrant Clause: General Principles
    8. The Warrant Clause: Understanding Probable Cause
    9. The Warrant Clause: Understanding Particularity
    10. Executing the Search Warrant
    11. Exigent Circumstances
    12. Searches Incident to Arrest and Inventory Searches
    13. Consent, Plain View, and Special Needs
    14. Lesser Intrusions on Liberty: Terry Stops
    15. Lesser Intrusions on Privacy: Terry Frisks and Protective Sweeps
    16. The Exclusionary Rule: General Principles and Applications
    17. Challenging the Search Warrant
    18. Beyond Good Faith: Additional Limits on Exclusion
    19. Entrapment and Due Process Defenses
    x The Glannon Guide to Criminal Procedure
    20. Due Process of Law and Confessions
    21. Miranda: Remedying Police Coercion
    22. Waiving Miranda Rights
    23. The Rights to Silence and Counsel Under Miranda
    24. Limiting the Miranda Doctrine
    25. Confessions, Counsel, and the Sixth Amendment
    26. Identifications
    27. Closing Closers

    Table of Cases