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Daniel A. Crane


  • ISBN: 9781454837992

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    A concise student treatise on antitrust that includes the basics of the microeconomic foundations on which modern antitrust doctrine is built.  Many students stumble trying to disentangle economic theory from doctrine, and this treatise expertly blends the two, clearly and concisely defining the terms and basic concepts that all antitrust students need to know. Author Daniel Crane is well regarded for his antitrust scholarship.

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    • Comprehensive overview of the major antitrust statutes, including Sherman, Clayton, FTC, Robinson-Patman, and Hart-Scott-Rodino Acts, including substantive operation, antitrust immunities, and questions of standing and jurisdiction.
    • Nontechnical explanations of economic theories for students without economics background.
    • Orientation on how to triage and analyze antitrust problems, such as distinctions between unilateral and coordinated behavior and vertical and horizontal arrangements.
    • Systematic examination of 2010 Horizontal Merger Guidelines with illustrations from litigated cases.
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    Page Count 220
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    Summary of Contents

    Table of Contents


    Part I: Antitrust Fundamentals

    Chapter 1. Foundational Economic Assumptions

    Chapter 2. Triage of Antitrust Problems

    Chapter 3. Market Definition and Market Power

    Part II: Agreements in Restraint of Trade

    Chapter 4. Juridical Categories

    Chapter 5. Horizontal Restraints

    Chapter 6.  Vertical Restraints

    Part III: Exclusionary and Exploitative Practices

    Chapter 7. The General Tests for Monopolization

    Chapter 8. Exclusionary Practices

    Chapter 9. The Robinson-Patman Act

    Part IV: Mergers

    Chapter 10. Merger Law: The Old School

    Chapter 11. Merger Law: Modern Practice

    Part V: Procedural Hurdles and Immunities

    Chapter 12. Antitrust Injury, Standing, and Jurisdiction

    Chapter 13. Antitrust Immunities




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