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Contemporary Real Estate Law, Second Edition

C. Kerry Fields, Kevin C. Fields


  • ISBN: 9781454899334

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    Contemporary Real Estate Law, Second Edition by C. Kerry Fields and Kevin C. Fields, contains all the traditional topics in real estate law as well as the fresh, current information needed by real estate practitioners, brokers, investors, developers, homeowners, and anyone interested in the dynamic field of real estate. The authors focus on teaching the legal principles that create both rights enjoyed and the corresponding duties imposed upon those parties under property law. The Second Edition features the best and most current cases on each topic from courts across the United States. Many case-based examples throughout the text ensure students can apply the principles they learn. Exercises throughout the book challenge students to apply the law to real world settings, and “Focus on Ethics” sections highlight managerial decisions. Time-tested real estate forms and practice tips are provided to stimulate class discussion.

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    Published: 2/1/2018
    Copyright: 2018
    Pages: 720
    Connected eBook with Study Center: 9781454899334

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    Detailed Table of Contents (PDF Download)

    Summary of Contents

    About the Authors
    Organization of the Text

    Part I: Real Property Interests
    Chapter 1: Introduction to Real Estate Law
    Chapter 2: Real Property Rights and Interests
    Chapter 3: Easements and Other Nonpossessory Rights
    Chapter 4: Fixtures and Secured Transactions
    Chapter 5: Real Property Estates and Interests
    Chapter 6: Land Descriptions

    Part II: Purchasing, Financing, and Conveying Real Estate
    Chapter 7: Agency and Real Estate Brokers
    Chapter 8: The Purchase Contract
    Chapter 9: Valuation and Financing of Real Estate
    Chapter 10: Deeds, Title, and Closing
    Chapter 11: Defaults, Workouts, and Foreclosures

    Part III: Owning, Operating, and Insuring Real Estate
    Chapter 12: Ownership of Real Property
    Chapter 13: Multiunit Dwellings and Property Management
    Chapter 14: Residential and Commercial Leases
    Chapter 15: Insuring Real Property
    Chapter 16: Transfers by Operation of Law and Gift
    Chapter 17: Transfers After Death: Wills, Intestacy, and Probate

    Part IV: Special Topics
    Chapter 18: Zoning and Land Use Issues
    Chapter 19: Real Estate Taxation
    Chapter 20: Construction Law, Liens, and Remedies
    Chapter 21: Bankruptcy and Restructuring Transactions
    Chapter 22: Environmental Law in Real Estate Transactions

    Table of Cases

  • Author Information

    Kevin C. Fields

    Fields teaches business law and real estate law to USC Marshall's undergraduates as Associate Professor of Clinical Finance and Business Economics. Professor Fields is a practicing attorney specializing in business litigation and representing clients in business and real estate transactions. He has tried real estate, employment and real estate business cases in state and federal courts and administrative forums. He is also a licensed California broker. In 2012 he received Gamma Sigma Alpha's Professor of the Year Award. He is a co-author of Contemporary Real Estate Law, a real estate law textbook for undergraduate and graduate business schools scheduled for national release in

    C. Kerry Fields

    C. Kerry Fields is a professor at the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business, where he teaches courses in employment law and in business law. He is also a practicing attorney who has represented employers in administrative forums and federal and state courts with respect to employment and discrimination claims and has tried many cases to verdict in the state and federal courts. When he is not teaching, he spends his law practice time assisting business managers in identifying and solving business problems. He has received a number of teaching awards and is a frequent media commentator on issues in employment law and business ethics. Professor Fields received his bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Southern California and his Juris Doctor from Santa Clara University School of Law.

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