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Cases and Text on Property, Seventh Edition

Susan F. French, Gerald Korngold


  • ISBN: 9781454897903

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    This completely revised and streamlined Seventh Edition of Cases and Text on Property by Susan Fletcher French and Gerald Korngold is smart, compact, and thoughtful. The carefully selected and edited cases and problems give students what they need to learn about Property law in the 21st Century. In addition to ample coverage of traditional Property subjects, the text includes substantial coverage of intellectual property, modern servitudes law, common interest communities, and constitutional limits on governmental power to acquire and regulate property.

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    Publication Date: 2/1/2019
    Copyright: 2019
    Pages: 1008
    Connected eBook with Study Center + Print Book: 9781454897903
    Connected eBook with Study Center: 9781543812275

    Buy a new version of this Connected Casebook and receive access to the online e-book, practice questions from your favorite study aids, and an outline tool on CasebookConnect, the all in one learning solution for law school students. CasebookConnect offers you what you need most to be successful in your law school classes— portability, meaningful feedback, and greater efficiency.

    Detailed Table of Contents (PDF Download)

    Summary of Contents

    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1 Introduction to Property: Basic Ideas and Causes of Action
    Chapter 2 Acquiring Property: Capture, Finds, Bailments, and Salvage
    Chapter 3 Acquiring Property by Conquest, Adverse Possession, and
    Chapter 4 Property Rights in Creative Works

    Chapter 5 Possessory Estates and Future Interests
    Chapter 6 Landlord-Tenant
    Chapter 7 Concurrent Estates and Marital Property

    Chapter 8 Lifetime Gifts That Are Not in Trust
    Chapter 9 The Modern Real Estate Transaction
    Chapter 10 Protection Against Discrimination in Housing

    Chapter 11 Nuisance
    Chapter 12 Servitudes and Common Interest Communities
    Chapter 13 The Takings Clause

    Table of Cases
    Table of Statutes

  • Author Information

    Susan French

    Susan French teaches Property, Wills and Trusts, and Common Interest Communities. Her areas of expertise include the law of wills, trusts, future interests, servitudes (easements and covenants) and common interest communities.

    After graduating from law school where she was articles editor of the Washington Law Review, Professor French practiced law in Seattle, Washington, and then joined the UC Davis law faculty in 1975. She was a visiting professor at the University of Michigan Law School in 1980, the UCLA School of Law in 1988-89, Harvard Law School in 1990, Duke Law School in 2001 and 2007, and the University of North Carolina in 2005. She spent a sabbatical year at the University of Chile in Santiago during 1982-83 and part of a sabbatical leave at the University of Sydney Faculty of Law in 2002.

    Professor French was the Reporter for the American Law Institute’s Restatement of the Law, Third, Property (Servitudes) (2000). She serves as an adviser to the Restatement of the Law, Third, Property (Donative Transfers), and she has advised the California Law Revision Commission on revision of laws relating to common-interest developments and the Probate Code. She is co-author of Cases and Texts on Property (with Casner, et al., 6th ed. 2015), and Community Association Law (with Hyatt, 2d ed. 2008). Professor French is also the author of A California Companion for the Course in Wills, Trusts and Estates.

    Gerald Korngold

    Gerald Korngold came to the Law School from Case Western Reserve University School of Law, where he was the McCurdy Professor of Law, and also served as Dean from 1997 to 2006. Professor Korngold teaches Property, Real Estate Transactions, International Real Estate, Conservation Law and Policy Clinic, and Real Estate: Transactional Skills. He is a faculty member in the Center for Real Estate Studies.

    Professor Korngold began his teaching career at New York Law School where he was a faculty member from 1979 to 1987 and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs from 1984 to 1986. He has lectured nationally and internationally on land and property law issues and writes and teaches in the fields of property and real estate law. He is the author of Private Land Use Arrangements: Easements, Real Covenants, and Equitable Servitudes (Juris Publishing, 2004); co-author of two casebooks, Real Estate Transactions: Cases and Materials on Land Transfer, Development, and Finance (Foundation Press, 2009) and Cases and Text on Property (Aspen Publishers, 2004); and co-editor of Property Stories (Foundation Press, 2009). Professor Korngold has also published numerous other articles in law reviews and journals. Recent articles are on the subprime and mortgage crisis, homeowners associations, international property issues, and conservation easements. His current research focuses on privatization of public land use regulation, real estate transactions, conservation easements, and other issues. He is an elected member of the American Law Institute and the American College of Real Estate Lawyers.

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