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Constitutional Law in Criminal Justice, Third Edition

Tina M. Fielding Fryling


  • ISBN: 9781543858556

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    Practitioner and Educator, Tina Fryling Presents a Pragmatic and Accessible Approach to Constitutional Law for Criminal Justice Students

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    Publication Date: 2/1/23
    Copyright: 2023
    Pages: 546
    Print Book: 9781543858556
    eBook: 9781543858563

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    Summary of Contents


    1- Introduction to Constitutional Criminal Procedure
    2 - The Fourth Amendment: The Basics of Search and Seizure
    3 - Searches and Arrests with a Warrant and Probable Cause
    4 - Searches and Arrests Without a Warrant
    5 - The Exclusionary Rule and Other Remedies to Deter Governmental Wrongdoing
    6 - The Fifth Amendment
    7 - The Sixth and Eighth Amendments
    8 - Pretrial, Trial, and Posttrial Procedures and Process
    9 - The First and Second Amendments: Freedom of Speech, Assembly, Religion, and the Right to Bear Arms 


  • Author Information

    Tina M. Fielding Fryling

    Tina M. Fielding Fryling, J.D. University of Dayton, M.S. Mercyhurst University, specializes in courses relating to the legal and court system, criminal justice ethics, victimology, and women and crime. She is certified to represent defendants in capital case appeals in the State of Pennsylvania.

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