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Selections from the Restatement (Second) Contracts and Uniform Commercial Code for First-Year Contracts 2021 Supplement

Tracey E. George, Russell Korobkin


  • ISBN: 9781543844559

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    An invaluable supplement to any contracts law casebook (including the authors’ own K: A Common Law Approach to Contracts), this concise statutory supplement provides the materials necessary to keep your first-year contracts course completely up-to-date. Inside you will find the materials necessary to learn how to use the most important sources of law (other than the judicial opinions which fill your casebook):  the Restatement (Second) of Contracts and the principal commercial statute—the Uniform Commercial Code—as part of the foundation course in contracts. 

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    Publication Date: 6/9/21 
    Copyright Year: 2021
    Pages: 224 
    Print: 9781543844559