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Software Law and Its Application, Second Edition

Robert W. Gomulkiewicz


  • ISBN: 9781454890553

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    Software Law and Its Application, Second Edition covers the statutes, cases, and regulations which provide legal protection for computer software with a practice-focused approach.

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    Publication Date: 3/30/2018
    Copyright: 2018
    Paperback: 9781454890553

    Summary of Contents


    1. Introduction to Legal Protection for Software
    2. Copyright Protection
    3. Trade Secret Protection
    4. Trademark and Trade Dress Protection
    5. Patent Protection
    6. Software Licensing
    7. Ownership of Software Development
    8. Interoperability and Standards
    9. Boundaries of Protection
    10. Business Model Innovation

    Table of Cases

  • Author Information

    Robert W. Gomulkiewicz

    Robert Gomulkiewicz is director of the Graduate Program in Intellectual Law and Policy and a professor of law at the University of Washington. Professor Gomulkiewicz joined the UW law school faculty in 2002 to direct the graduate program in Intellectual Property Law and Policy. Prior to joining the faculty, he was Associate General Counsel at Microsoft where he led the group of lawyers providing legal counsel for development of Microsoft's major systems software, desktop applications, and developer tools software (including Windows and Office). He also served as chair of the Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act (UCITA) working group of the Business Software Alliance. He joined Microsoft from the law firm of Preston, Gates & Ellis where he represented developers and users of software and information products. While at Preston, Gates & Ellis, he worked on the Apple v. Microsoft case. Professor Gomulkiewicz has published articles on open source software, mass market licensing, the UCITA, and legal protection for software. He is also the author of the Simple Public License (SimPL) which is a plain language rendering of the venerable GNU General Public License.