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Whose Monet? An Introduction to the American Legal System, Second Edition

John Humbach


  • ISBN: 9781454873150

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    Designed as a first text for beginning law students, Whose Monet? An Introduction to the American Legal System, 2E provides a highly accessible and appealing orientation to the American legal system and the basic concepts of modern civil litigation. Professor John Humbach, who has over 30 years of experience teaching legal scholarship and instructional online programs, tells the story of a real lawsuit, a sharply contested dispute over the ownership of a valuable stolen artwork—from client intake through the trial and various appeals. The book’s engaging narrative draws the student reader into absorbing the fundamentals of the legal process while providing an enjoyable teaching experience for their professors. Equally important, as the students delve into the case they are introduced to basic law school tasks such as reading analytically, understanding legal materials, and working with the common law.

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    Page Count 256
    Published 01/18/2016
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    Detailed Table of Contents (PDF Download)

    Summary of Contents                                            

    CHAPTER I           Introduction      

    CHAPTER II          The Lawyer's Task: Facts and Law            

    CHAPTER III        Deciding Whether to Sue                            

    CHAPTER IV        Deciding Where to Sue: The Court System                          

    CHAPTER V         Commencing a Civil Action                          

    CHAPTER VI        The Complaint  

    CHAPTER VII       The Common Law           

    CHAPTER VIII     How the Common Law Became American Law                  

    CHAPTER IX        How Lawyers and Courts Use Precedents            

    CHAPTER X          The Answer       

    CHAPTER XI        The Process of “Discovery”         

    CHAPTER XII       A Motion for Summary Judgment           

    CHAPTER XIII      Statutory Law and Administrative Regulations   

    CHAPTER XIV     The Trial              

    CHAPTER XV       The Judgment (and a Motion for a “Judgment N.O.V.”)

    CHAPTER XVI     The Appeal

    CHAPTER XVII    The Aftermath 


    Appendix A        Extracts from Testimony of Gerda Dorothea DeWeerth

  • Author Information

    John A. Humbach

    John A. Humbach practiced corporate/securities law for five years on Wall Street before entering law teaching in 1971. Most of his teaching experience before coming to Pace Law School in 1977 was at Fordham Law School, but he also taught at Brooklyn Law School and as a visiting professor at the University of Illinois and the University of Hawaii. He has authored a number of articles in the areas of property law and professional responsibility, as well as computer-assisted instruction programs for first-year property students. He serves as chairman of his community Architectural Review Board, and was active in the preservation of the 22,000-acre Sterling Forest, at the edge of the NYC metropolitan area. Professor Humbach served as James D. Hopkins Chair in Law during the 1993-1995 academic years.

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