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Criminal Law in Focus

Alex Kreit


  • ISBN: 9781543841398

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    Criminal Law in Focus (CLIF) provides an updated approach to the first-year criminal law casebook, with coverage and pedagogy that reflects modern criminal law practice. Alongside the traditional justificatory theories of punishment, the book considers punishment as a tool for social control, the rise of mass incarceration, and racial disparities in criminal enforcement. Using compelling cases that clearly articulate legal doctrine, this book covers core traditional offenses (like homicide and rape), as well as those that figure prominently in modern practice, but which have historically been absent from or deemphasized in the criminal law curriculum (like drug possession and property crimes). The Real Life Applications feature following each case poses a series of questions to spotlight important topics that might otherwise be overlooked, such as prosecutorial discretion and plea bargaining. Straightforward exposition helps students navigate their way around the differences and tensions between jurisdictional approaches to defining crimes and defenses.

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    Page Count 592
    Published 09/15/2021
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    Publication Date: 9/15/21
    Copyright Year: 2021
    Pages: 549
    Print: 9781543841398 

    Summary Table of Contents

    Chapter 1.       The Purposes of Criminal Law
    Chapter 2.       Sources and Components of the Criminal Law
    Chapter 3.       Property Offenses
    Chapter 4.       Drug Offenses
    Chapter 5.       Homicide Offenses
    Chapter 6.       Sex Offenses
    Chapter 7.       Attempts
    Chapter 8.       Accomplice Liability
    Chapter 9.       Conspiracy
    Chapter 10.     Revisiting the Elements of Crimes and Interpreting Criminal Statutes
    Chapter 11.     Affirmative Defenses

  • Author Information

    Alex Kreit

    Alex Kreit teaches Criminal Law at the Salmon P. Chase College of Law, where he is Assistant Professor and the Director of the Chase Center on Addiction Law & Policy. In addition to Criminal Law in Focus, he has authored books on illegal drugs and marijuana law. His many essays and articles have been widely published in law journals. Alex Kreit is frequently quoted and interviewed by the media as an expert on drug policy issues.

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