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Glannon Guide to Criminal Law: Learning Criminal Law Through Multiple Choice Questions and Analysis, Sixth Edition

Laurie L. Levenson


  • ISBN: 9781543839296

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  • Description

    Honing students’ understanding of concepts and their ability to apply the rules, Laurie L. Levenson presents a comprehensive, thoughtful review of course content that demonstrates how to effectively analyze and answer exam questions.

    A powerful combination of well-written explanations, multiple-choice questions, analyses, and exam-taking tips, The Glannon Guide to Criminal Law: Learning Criminal Law Through Multiple-Choice Questions and Analysis prepares students to take any type of exam that might be offered in a Criminal Law course. Written by one of the nation’s leading Bar lecturers, it also provides an invaluable review of the core concepts tested in Criminal Law on both the multistate and essay sections of the Bar exam.

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    Publication Date: 10/21/2021
    Paperback: 9781543839296
    Ebook: 9781543839302

    Summary of Contents

    1. A Very Short Introduction
    2. Nature of Criminal Law
    3. Elements of a Crime
    4. Strict Liability Crimes
    5. Mistake of Fact
    6. Mistake of Law
    7. Causation
    8. Homicide — An Overview
    9. Homicide — Murder
    10. Manslaughter
    11. Felony Murder and Misdemeanor Manslaughter (Unlawful Act Doctrine)
    12. Attempt
    13. Solicitation and Other Inchoate Offenses
    14. Accomplice Liability
    15. Conspiracy 16. Introduction to Defenses, Self- defense, and Defense of Another
    17. Defense of Property, Law Enforcement Defenses, and Necessity
    18. Duress
    19. Insanity
    20. Intoxication, Infancy, and Entrapment
    21. Rape
    22. Theft Crimes
    23. Other Crimes Against Person and Property
    24. Sentencing and the Death Penalty
    25. Closing Closers