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Excelling in Law School: A Complete Approach

Jason C. Miller


  • ISBN: 9780735599246

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    Written by a recent law school graduate with an extraordinary success story, Excelling in Law School: A Complete Approach transcends merely surviving the experience. It demonstrates how to earn high grades, excel in extracurricular activities, publish, and land top jobs. The author aced his first year at a fourth tier law school and transferred to a top-10 school from which he graduated, magna cum laude. Now, he shares his insights and his experience, surpassing expectations set by his less-than-lustrous LSAT scores. Miller relieves some of the anxiety about law school by conveying proven strategies that will appeal to today’s tech-savvy law student. He outlines the available resources and study-aids and shows how to effectively use new technologies such as websites that distribute outlines, companies that provide MP3s of detailed lectures on first year courses, student-maintained outline banks, recorded lectures, professor podcasts, and PowerPoint slides. Students learn the specific, unique skills required to approach law reviews and scholarships and to hunt for jobs. Excelling in Law School: A Complete Approach observes successful tactics used by other students and guides readers in selecting the strategies and resources that best fit each personality

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    Page Count 224
    Published 10/25/2012
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    Summary of Contents

    Chapter 1. Introduction
    a. What to do before Law School
    b. Plan the Work and Work the Plan – A General Approach to Law School
    Chapter 2. Acing Law School Classes Means Acing Law School Exams
    a. The preeminence of the final exam in law school grading
    b. How to focus on the final exam before class has even begun
    c. The big picture approach to classes
    d. Outlining
    e. The question and answer preparation method: applying law to facts
    f. Using study aids and preparing for the exam
    g. How to write a law school exam: developing an approach to spotting issues
    h. Other variations: multiple choice, short answer, and take home exams
    Chapter 3. Preparing for and Participating in Class
    a. Introduction to class
    b. How class participation affects your grade
    c. Reading and Briefing Cases to Prepare for Class
    d. Note taking
    e. Getting to know your professor without brown-nosing
    f. Participating in class without being hated by your peers
    Chapter 4. Legal Writing and Legal Practice Classes
    Chapter 5. Writing Seminar Papers and Notes
    Chapter 6. Getting on a Law Review or Journal
    Chapter 7. Student Organizations, Moot Court, and Clinics
    Chapter 8. The Married & Family Law School Experience