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Criminal Procedures, Cases, Statutes, and Executive Materials, 6E, 2022 Supplement

Marc L. Miller, Ronald F. Wright, Jenia I. Turner, Kay L. Levine


  • ISBN: 9781543858938

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    Criminal Procedures: Cases, Statutes, and Executive Materials is known for its focus on materials from multiple institutions, including primary materials from U.S. Supreme Court cases, state high court cases, state and federal statutes, rules of procedure, and police and prosecutorial policies, along with materials from social science studies. Taken together, the principal materials highlight procedural variety, focus on real-world topics, provide the political context, offer a comparative analysis of different legal approaches, and consider the impact of procedures. The 2022 Supplement covers the most recent decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court as well as newsworthy developments such as policing and bail reform, emerging legal responses to new surveillance technologies, and the declination policies of newly-elected prosecutors.  

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    New to the 2022 Edition:  

    • Two new authors joined the editorial team in 2019: Jenia Iontcheva Turner of SMU Dedman School of Law and Kay L. Levine of Emory University School of Law.  
    • With her doctoral training in Socio-Legal Studies and her balanced experience as a prosecutor and a defense attorney in state court, Professor Levine sharpens the focus of the book on the real-world operation of courtroom actors in high-volume state systems.  
    • With her background in international criminal tribunals and comparative criminal procedure, Professor Turner strengthens the comparisons between court systems in the U.S. and those around the world.    
    • The 2022 Supplement incorporates all of the Criminal Procedure rulings of the U.S. Supreme Court from its October 2019, October 2020, and October 2021 terms, whether through reprinting opinions as principal materials or through summary coverage in new notes and practice problems.  
    • The Supplement includes opinions from high state courts that add texture to the doctrines described in the main volume. 
    • The Supplement also spotlights new legislative and enforcement trends, including proposals for limiting police use of force, “defunding” or reforming police departments, emerging legal responses to new surveillance technologies, bail reform, and the declination policies that prosecutors publish and apply 
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    Publication Date: 8/19/2022
    Copyright Year: 2022
    Pages: 206
    Print: 9781543858938