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PracticePerfect Property

Gregory S. Alexander, Maureen E. Brady, Lior J. Strahilevitz


  • ISBN: 9781543852011

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  • Description

    PracticePerfect Property is a new visually engaging, interactive study aid to explain commonly encountered legal doctrines through easy-to-understand animated videos, illustrative examples, and numerous practice questions. Developed by a team of experts in the field of Property Law, including Gregory S. Alexander and Lior J. Strahilevitz co-authors on Dukeminier’s Property, and Maureen E. Brady, Louis D. Brandeis Professor of Law, Harvard Law School. PracticePerfect Property is the ideal study companion for today’s law students.

  • Additional Product Details

                  Overview of Property

    Discovery and Capture     
                  The Law of Discovery and Conquest
                  The Rule of Capture

    Find / Adverse Possession / Gifts   
                  The Rights of Finders
                  Adverse Possession
                  Gifts of Personal Property

    Limits and Possibilities of Ownership          
                  The Right to Exclude
                  Abandonment and Destruction

                  The Estate System and Its Origins
                  The Fee Simple Absolute and Fee Tail
                  The Life Estate, the Trust, and Restraints on Alienation
                  Defeasible Fees Simple

    Future Interests   
                  Introduction to Future Interests
                  Executory Interests
                  The Rule Against Perpetuities: Basics
                  The Rule Against Perpetuities: Class Gifts and Reform
                  Types of Concurrent Estates
                  Rights and Duties of Cotenants

                  Different Kinds of Tenancies and Holdover Situations
                  Warranties of Quiet Enjoyment, Habitability
                  The Fair Housing Act

    Land Transactions            
                  Land Transactions: Mortgages and Foreclosure
                  Land Transactions: The Sales Contract and Deeds

    Title Assurance  
                  Types of Recording Acts

                  Nuisance: Elements and Application
                  Nuisance: Remedies

                  Easements: Terminology, Express, and Termination
                  Easements: By Estoppel, Implication, Necessity, or Prescription
                  Covenants: Terminology, Creation, and Real Covenants
                  Covenants: Equitable Servitudes
                  Covenants: Termination and Enforceability
                  Common Interest Communities

                  Zoning: The Basics

                  Eminent Domain and Public Use
                  Physical Takings: Loretto and Cedar Point Nursery
                  Regulatory Takings: Mahon and Penn Central
                  Regulatory Taking: The Lucas Test and Tahoe-Sierra