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Texas Criminal Procedure, Third Edition

Amanda Peters


  • ISBN: 9798886143812

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    The third edition of the textbook includes updated law and statutory citations, along with cases and notes that track new legal developments related to criminal procedure in Texas. While the book was originally written to help students on the Texas Bar Exam, it now focuses on fundamental legal concepts for students who are interested in Texas Criminal Procedure, and for those who ultimately want to practice criminal law in Texas. The book has practice questions at the end of each chapter designed to help students apply the law to fact patterns. Students and lawyers use this book as a desk reference to assist them in practice because of its exhaustive coverage of topics ranging from arrest to post-conviction relief. 

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    Publication Date: 12/15/2022
    Copyright: 2022
    Pages: 700
    Print Book: 9798886143812

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  • Author Information

    Amanda Peters

    Professor Amanda Peters has been teaching at South Texas College of Law Houston since 2007. Before her teaching career, Professor Peters worked at the Harris County District Attorney’s Office in Houston for eight years and practiced as a criminal defense attorney for three years. As a prosecutor, she spent roughly half of her career in the trial bureau and the other half in the appellate division. She represented criminal defendants in the courtroom and on appeal. During her career, she tried 40 jury trials, countless bench trials, and authored 182 appellate briefs. As a professor, she has spoken and written about a number of topics related to criminal law and procedure. She is the Helen & Harry Hutchens Research Professor at South Texas College of Law Houston where she teaches Legal Research and Writing, Criminal Litigation Drafting, and Texas Criminal Procedure.