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Legal Writing and Other Lawyering Skills, Sixth Edition

Nancy L. Schultz, Louis J. Sirico, Jr.


  • ISBN: 9781454831020

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  • Description
    With a consistent emphasis on precision and good organization, Legal Writing and Other Lawyering Skills, Sixth Edition teaches students how to draft memoranda, opinion letters, pleadings, briefs, and other legal documents, as well as communications skills including client counseling, negotiating, and presenting oral arguments.
    Key Features:
    • An expanded chapter on trial briefs, including pretrial motion briefs
    • A new chapter on communicating by email
    • A new chapter on time management
    • A new chapter on mediation and related documents.
    • Extensive, up-to-date Teacher’s Manual.
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    Page Count 492
    Published 03/04/2014
  • Additional Product Details
    Chapter 1. Overview
    Chapter 2. Managing Your Time
    Chapter 3. Learning About the Legal System
    Chapter 4. Research Strategy
    Chapter 5. How to Brief a Case
    Chapter 6. Introduction to Legal Analysis
    Chapter 7. Purpose, Context, and Structure
    Chapter 8. Make Your Main Themes Stand Out
    Chapter 9. Help the Reader to Understand You
    Chapter 10. Meeting the Client
    Chapter 11. Introduction to the Memo
    Chapter 12. The Memo: Heading, Issue, and Conclusion
    Chapter 13. Practice with Drafting Memos: Headings, Issues, and Conclusions
    Chapter 14. The Memo: Facts and Discussion
    Chapter 15. Practice with Memos: Facts and Discussion
    Chapter 16. Writing the Client Opinion Letter
    Chapter 17. Practice with Client Letters
    Chapter 18. Advising the Client
    Chapter 19. Negotiating
    Chapter 20. Mediation
    Chapter 21. Settlement Agreements
    Chapter 22. Communicating Electronically
    Chapter 23. Drafting Pleadings
    Chapter 24. Practice with Pleadings
    Chapter 25. Writing Persuasively
    Chapter 26. Writing Pretrial Motions and Trial Briefs
    Chapter 27. Appellate Process and Standard of Review
    Chapter 28. Introduction to Writing Appellate Briefs
    Chapter 29. The Appellate Brief: The Introductory Parts
    Chapter 30. The Appellate Brief: Statement of Facts; Summary of Argument
    Chapter 31. Practice in Writing the Statement of Facts and Summary of Argument
    Chapter 32. The Appellate Brief: Argument and Conclusion
    Chapter 33. Basic Principles of Oral Communication
    Chapter 34. The Appellate Argument
    II. Client Letters
    III. Settlement Agreements
    IV. Pleadings
    V. Briefs and Oral Arguments
    VI. Grammar and Punctuation
  • Author Information

    Nancy L. Schultz

    After graduation from law school, Professor Schultz practiced with two of the largest law firms in Philadelphia, then went into general practice for a year. She taught legal writing at the Villanova University Law School for three years, then became Director of Legal Research and Writing at the George Washington University Law School, where she remained for seven years before coming to Chapman.

    Professor Schultz has co-authored three texts in the research and writing field, and has organized and presented numerous programs at national gatherings of legal writing professionals and other legal educators. She has also authored three articles on legal education and lectured on that subject at the JAG School in Charlottesville, Virginia. In addition, she conducts workshops on legal writing, negotiations, and client counseling for practicing lawyers in private firms, corporations and government agencies.

    Louis J. Sirico

    Professor Sirico was the founding Editor-in-Chief of the American Journal of Criminal Law and an Associate Editor of the Texas Law Review. Before joining the faculty, he was an attorney with several public interest organizations, including the National Public Interest Research Group in Washington, D.C., Fairfield County (CT) Legal Services and the Connecticut Citizens Action Group in Hartford. Professor Sirico is a member of the District of Columbia Bar Association and Connecticut Bar. He has served on the Board of Directors of the Legal Writing Institute and serves on the Editorial Board of Perspectives: Teaching Legal Research and Writing, a quarterly journal published by The West Group,, the Editorial Board of Legal Writing: The Journal of the Legal Writing Institute, the Editorial Board of the Legal Intelligencer (the Philadelphia region’s legal newspaper), the Advisory Board of the Villanova University Paralegal Program, and the Plain English Committee of the Pennsylvania Bar Association. He is a frequent speaker at conferences on legal research and writing.

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