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Earth Law: Emerging Ecocentric Law— A Guide for Practitioners

Anthony Zelle, Grant Wilson, Rachelle Adam, Herman Greene


  • ISBN: 9781543820683

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  • Description

    Earth Law: Emerging Ecocentric Law—A Guide for Practitioners is a book for students and practicing lawyers who seek to preserve a habitable planet and question whether current environmental law is sufficient for the task. Earth law is the emerging body of ecocentric law for protecting, restoring, and stabilizing the functional interdependency of Earth’s life and life-support systems. Earth law may be expressed in constitutional, statutory, common law, and customary law, as well as in treaties and other agreements both public and private. It is a rapidly developing field in many nations, municipalities, Indigenous communities, and international institutions. This course of study is for students and lawyers who know that nature and human environmental rights need to have seats at the table of law—in courts, legislatures, administrative bodies, enforcement agencies, and civil society.

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