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Steve Emanuel's First Year Questions & Answers, Second Edition

Steven L. Emanuel, Alex Ruskell


  • ISBN: 9781454805250

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    Steve Emanuel's First Year Questions and Answers consists of 1,144 short-answer questions, covering the six subjects usually taken by first year law students. Each question gives you a fact pattern, and then asks you to make a conclusion, usually a yes/no conclusion (e.g., "Is there an enforceable contract?").
    Within each subject, the questions are arranged in approximately the order that the topics they cover occur in the Emanuel Law Outlines for that subject. Thus the Civil Procedure questions begin with questions involving personal jurisdiction, proceed to subject matter jurisdiction, then to pleading, and so on.

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    Page Count 576
    Published 12/05/2011
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    1. Civil Procedure
    2. Contracts
    3. Criminal Law
    4. Criminal Procedure
    5. Property
    6. Torts