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Gaming and Gambling Law: Cases and Materials

Kevin K. Washburn


  • ISBN: 9780735588455

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    Gaming and Gambling Law: Cases and Materials combines policy interrogatories and the application of legal concepts in a thoughtful examination of gaming and gambling, in casinos and on-line. Kevin Washburn has created a teaching vehicle that sparks students’ interest and prompts them to apply a range of legal concepts to current and real-world issues.

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    Page Count 600
    Published 12/08/2010
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    Ch. 1. What is Gambling?

    Ch. 2. The Social Harms of Gambling

    Ch. 3. Private Law and the Prohibition of Gambling

    Ch. 4. Federalism and Direct (Criminal) Enforcement of Gambling Prohibitions

    Ch. 5. Gambling Limitations in a Permissive Environment

    Ch. 6. Regulating Lawful Gambling Through Licensure

    Ch. 7. Regulating Fair Play, Cheating, and Gaming Profitability

    Ch. 8. Gaming and Sports

    Ch. 9. Taxation of Gambling

  • Author Information

    Kevin Washburn

    Kevin Washburn is a member of the faculty at the University of Arizona.

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