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Family Law and Public Policy

Laura M. Walker


  • ISBN: 9781454812562

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    Page Count 592
    Published 09/25/2014
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    Summary of Contents                   


    1. Introduction to the Study of Family Law       

    2. The Public Policy of Marriage

    3. The Public Policy of Marital Dissolution         

    4. Economic Policies for Adult Partners              

    5. Economic Policies for the Support of Children

    6. Impact of Custody Decisions on the Parent-Child Relationship           

    7. Legal Protections for Abused and Neglected Children            

    8. Legal Issues in Adoptive and Surrogate Parent-Child Relationships

    9. Personal Autonomy in the Context of Family Law    

    10. Special Protections for Intimate Partners

    11. Constitutional and Jurisdictional Frameworks

    12. Family Law Issues Today   

    13. The Formulation of Public Policy


  • Author Information

    Laura Walker

    Professor Walker, attorney-at-law, received her Juris Doctorate degree in 1977 and has been engaged in the private practice of law in Ohio, Wisconsin, Illinois and Virginia prior to joining the GMU faculty. She has also completed a Ph.D from GMU’s School of Public Policy, with dual concentrations in Culture and Society and U.S. Governance. She is the head of Mason’s Pre-Law Advising program and the Director of the Legal Studies Minor in the School of Policy, Government, and International Affairs. She also serves as the faculty advisor to Phi Alpha Delta, the pre-law fraternity.

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