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Criminal Law: Core Concepts

G. Larry Mays, Jeremy Ball, Laura Fidelie


  • ISBN: 9781454841272

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    Page Count 416
    Published 02/26/2014
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    Summary of Contents


    Chapter 1. Overview of Criminal Law
    Chapter 2. General Principles of Liability
    Chapter 3. Parties to Come
    Chapter 4. Property Crimes
    Chapter 5. Homicide
    Chapter 6. Personal Crimes: Sexual Conduct, Bodily Injury, and Personal Restraint
    Chapter 7. Street Crimes
    Chapter 8. Crimes Against the State, White Collar Crime, and Cybercrime
    Chapter 9. Inchoate Crimes
    Chapter 10. Justification Defenses
    Chapter 11. Excuse Defenses
    Chapter 12. Punishment and Sentencing


  • Author Information

    Jeremy Ball

    Dr. Jeremy Ball is an Associate Professor in the Department of Criminal Justice at
    Boise State University. His research interests include plea bargaining, prosecutorial
    discretion, court processing decisions, and domestic violence. In addition to his
    teaching and advising activities, Dr. Ball is active in both university and professional
    organizations. His work has included serving as President of the Western Association of
    Criminal Justice, working on the program committee for the Annual Meeting for the Academy
    of Criminal Justice Sciences, and participating in the Project Safe Neighborhood grant as
    a Research Partner. Dr. Ball has also been an author and presenter for the Idaho Victim
    Assistance Academy.

    G. Larry Mays

    Dr. G. Larry Mays is a Regents Professor Emeritus in the Criminal Justice Department at New Mexico State University. From 1981 to 1990 he served as academic department head. Dr. Mays holds a Ph.D. in political science from the University of Tennessee and he has held faculty positions at East Tennessee State University and Appalachian State University as well as at New Mexico State over his 33 year teaching career. Prior to entering the academic world he served as an officer with the Knoxville, Tennessee Police Department.

    Dr. Mays has won a number of teaching awards including the Carnegie Foundation Award as the New Mexico Professor of the Year in 1997. He is author or editor of 17 books and has published over 100 articles, book chapters, and encyclopedia entries. One of his books, American Jails, was recognized by the Policy Studies Organization as one of the most significant books in the area of public policy. He also serves on the editorial boards of several of the nation’s leading journals in the field of criminal justice.

    Laura Fidelie

    Laura Fidelie is an Associate Professor at Midwestern State University.

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