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Cyberlaw: Management and Entrepreneurship

Margo E. K. Reder, Jonathan J. Darrow, Sean P. Melvin, Kabrina K. Chang


  • ISBN: 9781454850458

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    Page Count 660
    Published 08/05/2015
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    Detailed Table of Contents (PDF Download)

    About the Authors

    Part One

    Business Formation, Business Models, and Business Cycles
    1 Introduction to Cyberlaw: Management and Entrepreneurship
    2 Inventions, Innovations and Business Models: Developing and Implementing the Ideas and Technology Fundamental to Startups
    3 Forming, Financing, and Managing a New Venture

    Part Two
    Intellectual Property: Business Assets in the Information Age
    4 Trademarks
    5 Copyright
    6 Patents
    7 Trade Secrets

    Part Three
    Transactional Law: Creating Wealth and Managing Risk
    8 Contracts and Licensing
    9 The Employment Relationship
    10 Social Media: Risk and Liability

    Part Four
    Regulatory, Compliance, and Liability Issues
    11 Dispute Resolution: Jurisdiction, Litigation, and ADR
    12 Government Regulation
    13 Data Privacy and Management
    14 Security and Computer Crime

    Table of Cases

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