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Using Statistics in Criminal Justice

Rebecca K. Murray


  • ISBN: 9781454852179

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    Page Count 348
    Published 02/29/2016
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    Part I: Tools of the Trade

    Chapter 1: Uses of Statistics in Criminology, Criminal Justice, and Legal Research

    Chapter 2: Context and Role of Statistics in Criminal Justice Research

    Part II: Sketching It Out

    Chapter 3: Finding and Categorizing Data

    Chapter 4: Measures of Central Tendency

    Chapter 5: Measures of Variation

    Part III: Color It In

    Chapter 6: The Normal Curve and Standard Scores

    Chapter 7: Samples and Hypothesis Testing

    Chapter 8: Differences Between Means: Two Samples

    Chapter 9: Differences Between Means: Three or More Samples

    Chapter 10: Non-Parametric Methods of Comparison for Nominal Data

    Chapter 11: Non-Parametric Methods of Comparison for Ordinal and Interval-Ratio Data

    Part IV: Detail Work

    Chapter 12: Correlation

    Chapter 13: Regression

    Chapter 14: Statistics and Evaluation Research

    Appendix A: Area Under the Normal Curve  / Critical Values of z

    Appendix B: Critical Values of Student’s t

    Appendix C: Critical Values of F

    Appendix D: Distribution of q Scores

    Appendix E: Critical Values of Pearson’s Chi-squared (also used for Kuskal-Wallis H)

    Appendix F: Critical Values of Mann-Whitney U

    Appendix G: Critical Values of Spearman’s Rho

    Appendix H: Critical Values of Pearson’s r

    Appendix I: Answers to End of Chapter Exercises






  • Author Information

    Rebecca K. Murray

    Dr. Murray recently published Policies, Procedures and the Police: An Assessment of Wrongful Conviction Risk in Nebraska with former students Laurel Gegner and Justin Pelton. She currently is updating manuscripts with other students, including the effect of community empowerment on crime and disorder, and the effect of liquor serving establishments on crime. Additionally, she and Dr. Irlbeck are collaborating on several projects. They are part of an evaluation team for a Federal ''Byrne Criminal Justice Innovation Grant,'' assessing recidivism and community effects of high risk probationers returning to high risk areas. Also, they continue to facilitate a grant from the Office for Victims of Crime which will enable a Nebraska State Victim's Assistance Academy, launching in August 2013.

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