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Basic Contract Drafting Assignments: A Narrative Approach

Sue Payne


  • ISBN: 9780735589254

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    Basic Contract Drafting Assignments: A Narrative Approach is a unique supplement of contract drafting exercises designed to be used with any contracts or drafting course book. Instructors who want to incorporate drafting exercises into the classroom experience will find an invaluable asset in his supplement, which provides students with the tools necessary to develop skills that can be applied to various types of advanced transactional work.

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    Page Count 448
    Published 11/24/2010
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    The Artist Sequence
    Assignment I: The Paperweight Purchase Agreement
    Assignment II: The Consignment Agreement
    Assignment III: The Public Art Commission Agreement

    The Golfer Sequence
    Assignment I: The Putting Green Purchase Agreement
    Assignment II: The Sport Psychologist Consulting Agreement
    Assignment III: The Athlete Endorsement Agreement

    The Rock Band Sequence
    Assignment I: The Band Logo Purchase Agreement
    Assignment II: The Band Performance Agreement
    Assignment III: The Band Management Services Agreement

    The Toy and Game Inventor Sequence
    Assignment I: The Toy Purchase Agreement
    Assignment II: The Movie Location and Product Placement Agreement
    Assignment III: The Toy and Game License Agreement

    Appendix I: Ten Tips for Interviewing a Client about a Transaction
    Appendix II: The Model Leaf Disposal Services Agreement
    Appendix III: Contract Drafting Checklist
    Appendix IV: What Deal Lawyers Say to Each Other: A Dictionary of Contract Negotiation and Drafting Slang
    Appendix V: Proofreading Tips and Tricks
    Appendix VI: Decoding the Comments on Student Contracts: Some Samples with Illustrations

  • Author Information

    Sue Payne

    Sue Payne, a Northwestern Law alumna, joined the Communication and Legal Reasoning faculty in the fall of 2005 as a Clinical Assistant Professor. She is teaching Basics of Contract Drafting to second and third year law students and LLM and LLM-K candidates. She also teaches a contract drafting module to all of Northwestern’s first-year law students. Her book, Basic Contract Drafting: A Narrative Approach, is forthcoming from Aspen in 2010.

    From 1985 to 1999, Sue worked at the Chicago firm of Butler, Rubin, Saltarelli & Boyd, where she became a partner in 1991. Her practice focused on employment counseling and litigation. From 1999 through the spring of 2005, she served as Vice President and Corporate Counsel of Information Resources, Inc. (''IRI''), a market research company. At IRI, in addition to functioning as employment counsel, Sue was responsible for drafting and negotiating a wide variety of contracts.

    In 2004, Sue worked part-time as a Writing Resource Advisor at John Marshall Law School. She tutored first-year students and LLM candidates and taught a workshop on persuasive writing. Additionally, Sue has served as Director of the Diagnostic Writing Workshop for first-year law students at Loyola University School of Law.

    Sue is also a published poet. Her work has appeared in the New York Quarterly and Spoon River Poetry Review, among other publications. She is a member of the Advisory Board of the Robert Frost Place, a center for poetry and the arts, located in Franconia, New Hampshire.

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