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Legal Drafting

Jane Rutherford, Laurel A. Vietzen, Susan Brody, John C. Dernbach


  • ISBN: 9780735516939

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    This dynamic paperback text presents a highly effective, classroom-tested process for legal drafting. Prepared with this practical strategy, students will move beyond merely filling in the blanks to create the customized documents clients need, and adapt preexisting forms to new uses. Divided into two parts, the text first introduces the process approach to legal drafting before applying that approach to particular types of documents. This two-part organization easily adapts to your specific course needs and gives you great flexibility in choosing and combining chapters. The book's seven chapters cover an introduction to legal drafting, the process of legal drafting, careful writing, and drafting estate planning, contracts, pleadings, and legislation. In addition, numerous examples, illustrations, and exercises in every chapter reinforce the skills your students need to draft provisions from scratch, edit existing provisions, and create entirely new documents. Each substantive chapter concludes with a document, annotated with editorial comments that illustrates the drafting process.

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    Page Count 416
    Published 06/01/1994
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    1. Introduction to Legal Drafting
    2. The Process of Legal Drafting
    3. Writing Carefully
    4. Drafting Estate Planning
    5. Drafting Contracts
    6. Drafting Pleadings
    7. Drafting Legislation