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The American Legal System for Foreign Lawyers

Eldon Reiley, Connie de la Vega


  • ISBN: 9781454807254

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    Heavily classroom-tested by the authors and other instructors, this powerful teaching tool puts an emphasis on vocabulary and solid learning aids to introduce the American legal system to foreign law students. Focusing on constitutional law, the authors provide in-depth coverage of major issues such as the health care mandate, Arizona immigration law, the Defense of Marriage Act, affirmative action, the Supreme Court citation on international authority and more. The American Legal System for Foreign Lawyers uses contract law to show the continued development of common law and considers the role and function of judges, characterizing the differences between common and civil law. Other important issues are highlighted such as the differences between judicial review of legislation under constitutional challenge, judicial interpretation of statutes, and judicial development and application of common law contract and property law principles. Interesting cases and solid case-reading coverage combine with tables, graphical material, and glossaries to help students grasp United States law.

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    Page Count 544
    Published 12/29/2011
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    Summary of Contents

    Part I: Common Law, Courts, Cases, Citations and Legal Education

    Chapter 1 Structure of the American Judicial System

    Chapter 2 Sources of American Law: Common Law and Statutes

    Chapter 3 Publication and Citation of Judicial Opinions and Other Authority

    Chapter 4 Preparing for Class

    Chapter 5 Legal English

    Chapter 6 Legal Education and Law Practice in America

    Part II: The Constitution: Structure and Interpretation

    Chapter 7 Overview of the Constitution

    Chapter 8 Source and Scope of Judicial Review

    Chapter 9 Judicial Interpretation of Legislation

    Chapter 10 Doctrines that Limit Access to Federal Courts

    Chapter 11 Sources of and Limitations on Federal Legislative Power

    Chapter 12 Federal Constitutional Limits on State Legislative Power

    Chapter 13 A Story: Liquor, the 21st Amendment and the Dormant Commerce Clause

    Part III: Individual Rights: Current Issues

    Chapter 14 Rights in Property: Due Process and Takings

    Chapter 15 Right To Privacy: Due Process and Fundamental Rights

    Chapter 16 Rights of Minorities in the United States: Potential Use of International Authority to Support Affirmative Action

    Part IV: Contract Common Law, UCC and CISG

    Chapter 17 Formation of Contracts: Common Law (UCC) and CISG Compared

    Chapter 18 CISG: Scope and Interpretation

    Chapter 19 Excuse: Impossibility, Mistake and Hardship

    Chapter 20 Contract Remedies at Common Law and Under UCC and CISG Ch. 21. Specific Performance

  • Author Information

    Connie de la Vega

    Professor de la Vega writes extensively on international human rights law and participates in United Nations human rights meetings. She has submitted amicus briefs detailing international law standards to U.S. courts for juvenile death penalty and affirmative action cases, including Roper v. Simmons and Graham and Sullivan v. Florida. De la Vega is co-author of Human Rights Law: An Introduction (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2007), and serves on the advisory group for the Human Rights Institute at Columbia University. She established the Frank C. Newman International Human Rights Law Clinic at USF and is a founding member of Human Rights Advocates.

    Eldon Reiley

    Professor Emeritus Reiley retired in 2006 after 47 years of teaching law, including 35 years at the USF School of Law where he taught courses in constitutional law, contracts, commercial law, and international law. He was the founding director of the law school's LLM program for foreign lawyers. He negotiated the establishment of a faculty exchange agreement with East China Institute for Politics and Law (1989) and USF summer abroad programs in London (University of Warwick, 1978), Dublin (Trinity College, 1983), and Prague (Charles University, 1991). Reiley taught as a visiting professor at University of Warwick, Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade, and East China Institute of Law.
    In the 1982–1983 academic year, Reiley developed and taught, with Dr. Marcus Conant, the first course in America on legal issues relating to AIDS.
    His publications include Security Interests in Personal Property (West, Third Edition 1999–2009), International Sales Contracts: The U.N. Conventions and Related Transnational Law (Carolina Academic Press, 2008), and numerous articles.
    While in general practice in Spokane, Wash., Reiley was chairman of the Washington State Young Lawyers, State Bar Legal Education Committee, and Board of Trustees of Spokane Community College.

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