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The Birth of Criminology: Readings from the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries

Bruce DiCristina


  • ISBN: 9781454803171

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    Page Count 320
    Published 02/13/2012
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    Introduction: The Birth of Criminology

    Part One: The Emergence of the Classical School

    Chapter 1. Francis Hutcheson
    Chapter 2. Montesquieu
    Chapter 3. Cesare Beccaria
    Chapter 4. Jeremy Bentham

    Part Two: Physiognomy, Phrenology, and the Italian School

    Chapter 5. Johann Caspar Lavater
    Chapter 6. Franz Joseph Gall
    Chapter 7. Cesare Lombroso
    Chapter 8. Enrico Ferri
    Chapter 9. Raffaele Garofalo

    Part Three: Moral Statistics and the Nineteenth-Century French School

    Chapter 10. Adolphe Quetelet
    Chapter 11. André-Michel GuerryCh. 12. Gabriel Tarde
    Chapter 13. Émile Durkheim

    Part Four: The Roots of the Critical School

    Chapter 14. Karl Marx
    Chapter 15. Frederick Engels
    Chapter 16. Peter Kropotkin
    Chapter 17. Harriet Martineau
    Chapter 18. W. E. B. Du Bois

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