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Introduction to Corrections

Richard Tewksbury


  • ISBN: 9781454841265

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    Page Count 312
    Published 07/14/2014
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    Summary of Contents

    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1            Crime and Corrections                  

    Chapter 2            Corrections and Criminal Justice: An Overview                  

    Chapter 3            Punishment                      

    Chapter 4            History of Corrections   

    Chapter 5            Administration of the Prison                      

    Chapter 6            The Prisoner                     

    Chapter 7            Prisoners' Rights                              

    Chapter 8            Prison Violence                

    Chapter 9            Corrections for Women                               

    Chapter 10          Jails and Local Corrections           

    Chapter 11          Community Corrections                               

    Chapter 12          Correctional Programs                  

    Chapter 13          Corrections Staff             

    Chapter 14          Contemporary Challenges in Corrections                             


  • Author Information

    Richard Tewksbury

    Dr. Richard Tewksbury is Professor of Justice Administration and the previous Editor of the journals Justice Quarterly and the American Journal of Criminal Justice. His research is primarily in three areas: institutional corrections, sex offender registration and gender/sexuality/alternative-lifestyles. His correctional research interests include correctional programming evaluation, and institutional violence. His work with sex offenders focuses on community responses to sex offenses/offenders, and the consequences of sex offender registration. In regards to sexuality/alternative-lifestyles Dr. Tewksbury’s research centers on issues of men’s sexuality, the structure and processes of casual sexual encounters and sexual lifestyle alternatives. He has published extensively on these issues, and has published a number of books on a wide range of criminal justice and deviance issues. His books include Sexual Deviance, Controversies in Criminal Justice Research Methods, Criminological Theory, Introduction to Corrections, Introduction to Criminal Justice Research Methods, Qualitative Research Methods and Dynamics of Inequality.

    Dr. Tewksbury is a 2008 recipient of the University of Louisville Outstanding Scholarship, Research and Creative Activity Award, the 2005 Southern Criminal Justice Association’s Educator of the Year Award and the 2006 Peter P. Lejin’s Correctional Research Award from the American Correctional Association. Dr. Tewksbury is also a Past-President of the Southern Criminal Justice Association and previously served as both Research Director for the National Prison Rape Elimination Commission and as a Visiting Fellow with the United States Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics. Dr. Tewksbury holds a Ph.D. in Sociology from The Ohio State University.

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