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Climate Change: Law and Policy

Hari Osofsky, Lesley McAllister


  • ISBN: 9780735577169

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    Pioneers in an emergent field, the authors of Climate Change: Law and Policy have created a modular and accessible text with extensive web resources. Designed for 2- and 3-credit courses, discussion, commentary, and exercises are integrated into every chapter. Tracing key legal developments, the scope of this landmark text spans international, United States, foreign, state and local, and nongovernmental efforts to address climate change.

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    Page Count 476
    Published 08/21/2012
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    Summary of Contents

    Ch. 1. The Challenge of Climate Change: Scientific, Legal, and Political Elements

    Ch. 2. International Legal Approaches: Treaties and Non-Binding Agreements

    Ch. 3. U.S. Legal Developments: Legislative, Executive, and Judicial Action

    Ch. 4. Foreign Legal Developments: Comparative Domestic Policy

    Ch. 5. State and Local Action: Governmental Efforts and Transnational Collaboration

    Ch. 6. Non-State Actors and Initiatives: Corporations, NGO’s, and Individuals

    Ch. 7. The Future of Climate Change Law and Policy: Risks and Possibilities