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Environmental Crime: Law, Policy, Prosecution

Kathleen F. Brickey


  • ISBN: 9780735562493

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    In this exciting addition to Aspen’s Elective Series, Kathleen Brickey, a leading criminal law and white collar crime specialist and author of numerous scholarly publications, offers a unique perspective on the intersection of environmental law and criminal law. Using an interdisciplinary approach, the author covers major environmental and criminal law issues in a clear, concise style that is easily accessible to all students regardless of their backgrounds. An outstanding teaching tool, Environmental Crime is suitable for use in courses or seminars on environmental law, white collar crime, federal criminal law, public policy, and advanced criminal law.

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    Page Count 420
    Published 07/23/2008
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    Detailed Table of Contents (PDF Download)

    Preface (PDF Download)

    Chapter 1. Environmental Crime

    Chapter 2. Mens Rea

    Chapter 3. Individual and Organizational Liability

    Chapter 4. Water Pollution

    Chapter 5. Air Pollution

    Chapter 6. Hazardous Waste

    Chapter 7. Hazardous and Toxic Substances

    Chapter 8. Conventional Criminal Statutes

    Chapter 9. Enforcement

  • Author Information

    Kathleen F. Brickey

    The Late Kathleen F. Brickey, a nationally recognized scholar who specialized in the field of corporate and white collar crime, was the James Carr Professor of Criminal Jurisprudence at Washington University. The author of four books and more than two dozen articles, Professor Brickey wrote extensively on corporate liability issues, the federalization of criminal law, and environmental crime. She was elected to membership in the American Law Institute and the Society for the Reform of Criminal Law in 1988 and served as chair of the Association of American Law Schools Section on Criminal Justice and as a consultant to the United States Sentencing Commi

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