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Basic Civil Litigation, Third Edition

Herbert G. Feuerhake


  • ISBN: 9780735558465

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    Page Count 480
    Published 12/18/2006
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    1 Introduction to Civil Litigation                

    2 Basic Law Office Structure and Procedure        

    3 The Paralegal and the Case                     

    4 Investigation

    5 Evidence         

    6 The Complaint              

    7 Motion Practice and Other Subsequent Activity                            

    8 The Answer, Additional Claims, and Multiparty Practice             

    9 Discovery        

    10 Resolution Before Trial: Dispositive Motions and Settlement                

    11 Trial and Appeal                         

    12 Administrative Hearings, Arbitration, and Alternative Dispute Resolution        

    Appendix: NFPA Model Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility and Guidelines for Enforcement                



  • Author Information

    Herbert G. Feuerhake

    Herbert G. Feuerhake is an attorney with an active litigation practice in
    Wilmington, Delaware, focusing on employment law and commercial litigation.
    He previously practiced for several years in Norwalk, Connecticut, where he was an occasional guest lecturer in legal studies at Norwalk Community College. He has written in the area of federal civil procedure for Matthew Bender & Company, Inc. on ‘‘Moore’s Federal Practice’’ and other publications and has written and edited articles for Thomson/West Group on a wide variety of publications, including ALR Federal and New York Jurisprudence, 2d.

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