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Conflict and Resolution, Second Edition

Barbara A. Nagle Lechman


  • ISBN: 9780735567320

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    Conflict and Resolution, Second Edition, provides students with a working knowledge of the major forms of dispute resolution. Through the use of hands-on exercises and role-playing scenarios, theory is put into practice allowing students to translate lessons learned into true to life situations.

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    Page Count 208
    Published 10/22/2007
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      Chapter 1. Introduction

      Chapter 2. Conflict

      Chapter 3. Negotiation

      Chapter 4. Mediation

      Chapter 5. Arbitration

      Chapter 6. Other Forms of Dispute Resolution

      Chapter 7. Policy, Ethical, and Practical Issues

      Appendix A. Model Standards of Conduct for Mediators

      Appendix B. Code of Ethics for Arbitrators in Commercial Disputes

      Appendix C. Example of Med-Arb