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Internships through Employment: The Paralegal Job Hunter's Handbook

Deborah E. Bouchoux, Susan M. Sullivan


  • ISBN: 9780735562479

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    Written by authors with extensive experience in placing paralegal students in successful internships and permanent jobs, Internships through Employment: The Paralegal Job Hunter's Handbook is the only text in the field to focus on internships and permanent employment.

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    Page Count 380
    Published 05/02/2008
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    Part I: Laying the Foundation for a Successful Internship and Career

    Chapter 1. Internship and Career Strategies: The Preliminaries
    Chapter 2. Internships: Setting the Stage
    Chapter 3. Building an Effective Resume and Cover Letter
    Chapter 4. The Internship Experience

    Part II: Finding the Right Job

    Chapter 5. Revising Your Internship Resume and Cover Letter for Permanent Employment
    Chapter 6. Interviewing and Negotiating

    Part III: The Workplace

    Chapter 7. The Law Firm Environment
    Chapter 8. Keeping Your Job and Advancing in Your Career
    Chapter 9. Quitting Your Job and Getting Your Next Job
    Chapter 10. Trading in Your Backpack for a Briefcase: Strategies for Success in the Workplace
    Chapter 11. Alternative Career Paths


    Appendix A. Job-Hunting Resources
    Appendix B. Sample Resumes
    Appendix C. Sample Cover Letters
    Appendix D. Sample Acceptance and Resignation Letters
    Appendix E. Sample Thank You Letters
    Appendix F. Paralegal Associations
    Appendix G. State and National Bar Associations
    Appendix H. Paralegal Code of Ethics