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Legal Terminology

Robert J. Glidewell


  • ISBN: 9780735576971

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    Page Count 368
    Published 10/23/2008
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    Section I. Practice and Procedure

    Chapter 1. Introduction to Law and the Legal Process
    Chapter 2. Civil Litigation — Pleadings and Pretrial
    Chapter 3. Civil Litigation — Trial and Appeal
    Appendix 3A — Evidence

    Section II. Criminal Law

    Chapter 4. Criminal Prosecutions
    Appendix 4A — Criminal Prosecutions and Constitutional Law
    Chapter 5. Criminal Activity and Parties

    Section III. Traditional Civil Law

    Chapter 6. Contract Law
    Chapter 7. Property Law
    Chapter 8. Tort Law

    Section IV. Business Law

    Chapter 9. Agency Law
    Chapter 10. Business Organizations — Corporations
    Appendix 10A—Other Business Organizations
    Chapter 11. Uniform Commercial Code
    Appendix 11A—Bankruptcy Law

    Section V. Law and the Family

    Chapter 12. Domestic Relations
    Chapter 13. Wills, Estates, and Trusts

    Section VI. Law and the Government

    Chapter 14. Constitutional Law
    Chapter 15. Administrative Law

    Section VII. Law and the Legal Professional

    Chapter 16. The Legal Professional and the Law Office

    Case Analysis
    Practice Mid-Term Exam
    Practice Final Exam