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Florida Civil Procedure: A Practical Approach

Matthew C. Lucas


  • ISBN: 9781454856504

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    In Florida Civil Procedure A Practical Approach, Judge Matthew C. Lucas has drawn together a wealth of materials for the student to gain an “inside” view of how civil litigation works in state court. Tracking the phases of civil disputes, the presentation is comprehensive, while remaining focused on the more pragmatic issues that routinely confront civil practitioners. Extensive notes, exercises, and problems are interspersed throughout the text, offering useful opportunities to practice Florida procedure in a wide variety of contexts, to work with the rules and the cases interpreting the rules, and to confront realistic dilemmas of ethics and professionalism in civil practice. This book is suitable for a two or three credit hour course. An excellent foundation for law students who anticipate sitting for the Florida Bar examination or hope to practice civil litigation in Florida courts, this book can also be readily adapted for paralegal coursework as well.

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    Page Count 224
    Published 08/29/2014