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Disaster Law and Policy, Third Edition

Daniel A. Farber, James Ming Chen, Robert R.M. Verchick, Lisa Grow Sun


  • ISBN: 9781454869252

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    A unique and timely text in a burgeoning field, the Third Edition of Disaster Law and Policy takes a broad perspective that looks at the legal and political effects of disasters across the United States and around the world. Authors Daniel A. Farber, James Ming Chen, Robert R.M. Verchick, and Lisa Grow Sun examine the roles of lawyers and government in disaster prevention, emergency response, victim compensation, insurance, and rebuilding strategies. Materials include government reports, legal decisions, and readings drawn from a variety of disciplines. Memorable case studies and table-top exercises are added to help students evaluate and apply what they have learned. Ideal for law schools and for non-legal programs in disaster studies, Disaster Law and Policy shows how catastrophic events test the mettle of the legal structures and government programs charged with creating, preserving and rebuilding communities—particularly in times of greatest need.

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