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Introduction to Feminist Legal Theory, Third Edition

Martha E. Chamallas


  • ISBN: 9781454802211

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    The leading text in the field, Introduction to Feminist Legal Theory was the first book that served as an introductory survey of feminist jurisprudence. Its historical view of feminist legal theory places issues in social context and thoroughly reviews the evolving paradigms of contemporary feminism from the 1970s through the present. The full range of legal issues affecting women are covered, including gender discrimination, rape, sexual harassment, motherhood, reproductive issues, and much more. Clear, energetic presentation keeps students engaged and involved with succinct overviews, intellectually stimulating material, and jargon-free prose.

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    Page Count 464
    Published 11/05/2012
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    1. Thinking Like a Feminist
    2. Three Stages of Feminist Legal Theory
    3. The Equality Stage (1970's)
    4. The Difference State (1980's)
    5. The Diversity Stage (1990's Beyond)
    6. Allied Intellectual Movements
    7. Applied Feminist Legal Scholarship - Economic Subordination of Women
    8. Applied Feminist Scholarship - Sexual Subordination of Women
    9. Applied Feminist Scholarship - Motherhood and Reproduction
    10. Conclusion