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Introduction to United States International Taxation, Sixth Edition

Paul R. McDaniel, James R. Repetti, Diane M. Ring


  • ISBN: 9781454847977

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    Introduction to United States International Taxation, 5E, presents the basic principles and rules of the United States international tax system in brief and manageable form. This title is a joint publication with Kluwer Law International (KLI).

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    Page Count 256
    Published 03/24/2014
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    Table of Contents


    CHAPTER 1 Introduction

    CHAPTER 2 The United States Income Tax System: General Description

    CHAPTER 3 Jurisdictional Principles

    CHAPTER 4  Source Rules

    CHAPTER 5 Income Taxation of Nonresident Aliens and Foreign Corporations

    CHAPTER 6  Taxation of Foreign Source Income of United States Persons: The Foreign Tax Credit

    CHAPTER 7  Treatment of Foreign Business Operations and Investments by United States Persons

    CHAPTER 8  Transfer Pricing

    CHAPTER 9  Special Treatment of Foreign Income

    CHAPTER  10  Foreign Currency Issues

    CHAPTER  11  Income Tax Treaties

    CHAPTER 12  Wealth Transfer Taxation


    Table of Contents