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Aspen Aloud: Constitutional Law

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  • ISBN: 9798889067474

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  • Description

    Aspen Aloud is a series of narrated audio summaries for legal studies in 1L or 2L subject areas: civil procedure, constitutional law, contracts, corporations and other business entities, criminal law, criminal procedure, evidence, property, and torts. Consisting of easy-to-follow, non-casebook-specific chapters broken up into audio files of approximately 10 to 30 minutes each, Aspen Aloud covers the main topics of a subject area to help students understand the concepts they learn in class throughout the semester and to study for exams on the go.

  • Additional Product Details

    Chapter 1: Introduction
    Chapter 2: The Supreme Court's Authority and the Federal Judicial Power
    Chapter 3: Federalism and Federal Power Generally
    Chapter 4: Powers of the Federal Government and the Separation of Powers
    Chapter 5: Two Limits on State Power: The Dormant Commerce Clause and Congressional Action
    Chapter 6: Intergovernmental Immunities; Interstate Relations
    Chapter 7: The Due Process Clause
    Chapter 8: Equal Protection
    Chapter 9: Miscellaneous Clauses
    Chapter 10: The State Action Requirement and Congressional Enforcement of Civil Rights
    Chapter 11: Freedom of Expression
    Chapter 12: Freedom of Religion
    Chapter 13: Justiciability