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Academic Legal Discourse and Analysis: Essential Skills for International Students Studying Law in the United States

Marta Baffy, Kirsten Schaetzel


  • ISBN: 9781543815931

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    Publication Date: 8/15/2019
    Copyright: 2020
    Pages: 525
    Connected eBook + Print:  9781543815931
    Connected eBook:  9781543816709

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  • Author Information

    Marta Baffy

    Marta Baffy is a lawyer and linguist who has over a decade of English as a Second Language (ESL) teaching experience both in the United States and abroad. In the Two-Year LL.M. Program at Georgetown Law, she prepares students linguistically and intellectually for legal study in the U.S., using her expertise in ESL teaching methodology and drawing on her own experiences as a lawyer/former law student. Professor Baffy’s research interests lie at the intersection of law and linguistics, particularly in the contexts of the courtroom and legal classroom. Her most recent work focuses on how foreign-trained attorneys are socialized into the culture of a U.S. law school during classroom interactions.

    Kirsten Schaetzel

    Kirsten Schaetzel is the English Language Specialist at the Emory University School of Law. She does workshops and has individual student appointments on aspects of English language and American culture. After receiving her doctorate from Boston University, she worked for ten years in Asia. After returning to the US, she began working with international law students at Georgetown Law and has continued to enjoy working with law students after moving to Atlanta two years ago. Working through the Office of Graduate Programs, she is available for all Emory law students.

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