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MBE: Beginning Your Campaign To Pass The Bar Exam

Keith Elkin


  • ISBN: 9780735509962

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    MBE: Beginning Your Campaign To Pass The Bar Exam explains how to think about organizing, learning and applying the vast amount of material bar exam candidates must know in order to pass the bar exam.

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    Page Count 208
    Published 03/30/2011
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    Introduction: A. The Bar Exam

    B. The MBE

    C. “Campaigning” to Pass the Bar Exam

    D. State Essay Exams

    E. Organizing the Material to Learn and Remember the Law

    1. The Outline Approach

      i. Negligence
      ii. Hearsay
    iii. Contract Formation

    2. Charts and Tables

      i. Common Law Contracts versus UCC Article 2
      ii. Constitutional Rights

    F. Important Points to Keep in Mind

    Chapter One: The Broad Lens: Setting the Framework for Legal Analysis

    A. Sample Broad Lens Analysis I

    B. Sample Broad Lens Analysis II

    C. Broad Lens Exercises

    D. Broad Lens Exercise Answers

    Chapter Two: The Narrow Lens: Actively Reading Fact Patterns

    A. Sample Narrow Lens Analysis I

    B. Sample Narrow Lens Analysis II

    C. Narrow Lens Exercises

    D. Narrow Lens Exercise Answers

    Chapter Three: Active Learning for the MBE

    A. Active Learning Example I

    B. Active Learning Example II

    C. Active Learning Exercises

    D. Active Learning Exercise Answers

    Chapter Four: The Capstone: Learning through Wrong Answers

    A. Learning through a Wrong Answer Example I

    B. Learning through a Wrong Answer Example II

    C. Wrong Answer Exercises

      1. Constitutional Law
      2. Contracts
      3. Criminal Law
      4. Evidence
    5. Real Property
      6. Torts

    D. Correct Answers for Wrong Answer Exercise

    Chapter Five: Conclusion