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Michigan Bar Exam Essay Deconstruction

Holly Glazier


  • ISBN: 9780735509955

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    Often overlooked and under-emphasized in commercial bar review courses, the essay portion of the Michigan Bar can truly save examinees on the Michigan Bar Exam. While the bar examiners claim the essay score is worth the same as your MBE score, after the scaling and conversion of your scores, the essays are actually worth more than your MBE score. It is far easier to improve your essay score on the bar exam than your MBE score—and this book is designed to do just that!

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    Page Count 943
    Published 12/09/2011
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    Table of Contents:



    What Is This Book all About?

    Who Should Use This Book?

    Why Should You Use This Book?

    When Should You Use This Book?

    How to Use This Book Effectively

    Part I. Michigan Bar Exam Overview

    Fundamentals of the Michigan Bar Exam

    • Format
    • Grading Guideline
    • Michigan Essay “Cluster” Chart
    • Sample Bar Results Letter
    • Admission Policies and Related Info

    Essay Deconstruction

    How to Build or “Construct” a Good Essay

    • Essay Attack
    • Plan A
    • “RAC” Template
    • Sample Answer
    • Plan B
    • Final Words of Wisdom

    Essay "Construction" Projects --> Practice!

    Part II. Michigan Bar Exam Questions

    Cluster One

    Real Property

    Personal Property


    Creditors’ Rights

    Cluster Two

    Constitutional Law

    Criminal Law

    Conflicts of Law

    Criminal Procedure

    Cluster Three




    Professional Responsibility

    Cluster Four


    Civil Procedure

    Torts/No-Fault Insurance

    Cluster Five


    Secured Transactions

    Negotiable Instruments

    Domestic Relations

    Workers’ Compensation

    Part III. Actual Michigan Bar Exams

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