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What NOT to Write: Real Essays, Real Scores, Real Feedback (Massachusetts Edition)

Tania Shah, Melissa Gill


  • ISBN: 9780735578340

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    No lecture on technique or the substantive law prepares you for writing bar exam essays like reading and critiquing actual scored essays — both the good essays and the bad ones. All of the sample essays in What NOT to Write have been written by bar candidates. Nothing, not even grammar or spelling, has been changed. Through step-by-step instruction, examples, and critiques, What NOT to Write gives you insight into and practice writing consistently strong bar exam answers in the allotted amount of time.

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    Page Count 120
    Published 12/15/2008
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    The Massachusetts Bar Exam

    An Introduction to the Massachusetts Bar Exam
    Format of the Massachusetts Essay Exam
    Tested Areas
    How is this Different from Every Essay You Have Written in Law School
    Writing the Essay Examinationpart of the Massachusetts Bar Exam
    How to Answer an Essay Question

    Question 1: Torts
    Question 2: Criminal Procedure
    Question 3: Domestic Relations
    Question 4: Constitutional Law
    Question 5: Wills and Trusts
    Question 6: Evidence
    Question 7: Torts
    Question 8: Criminal Law and Procedure
    Question 9: Constitutional Law
    Question 10: Contracts
    Question 11: Domestic Relations
    Question 12: Evidence
    Question 13: Domestic Relations
    Question 14: Wills and Trusts
    Question 15: Torts [Question 1 Revisited]
    Question 16: Property
    Question 17: Torts
    Question 18: Secured Transactions
    Question 19: Evidence