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Race, Racism, and American Law: Leading Cases and Materials

Derrick Bell, Cheryl I. Harris, Justin Hansford, Amna A. Akbar, Atiba Ellis, Audrey G. McFarlane


  • ISBN: 9781543850291

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  • Description

    Intended for use with the authors’ forthcoming casebook, Race, Racism, and American Law, Seventh Edition (forthcoming 2023), Race, Racism, and American Law: Leading Cases and Materials includes significant historical and contemporary cases and materials edited with an aim to foreground the most relevant sections and passages to illustrate the crucial role of race in the formation of US law. This new edition of Derrick Bell’s groundbreaking textbook Race, Racism, and American Law, like prior versions, eschews a traditional casebook format. The locus of analysis in this text is the struggle for racial justice, and its underlying history and political context as reflected in the ongoing contestation over law, legal reform, and transformation. As such the supplement includes but is not limited to Supreme Court cases. We follow Bell’s model of locating all edited cases and materials in the supplement, reserving the book’s text to provide historical and political context for significant cases or legislative actions, along with hypothetical questions, comments, and other tools of analysis.

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    Publication Date: 1/6/2023
    Copyright: 2023
    Pages: 1,064
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