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Examples & Explanations: Evidence, Thirteenth Edition

Arthur Best


  • ISBN: 9798889060758

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  • Description

    Examples & Explanations: Evidence is the most clear, effective, and concise text available for students today. Beautifully organized, with compelling examples and questions, this ancillary delivers exactly the right level of detail for a student’s introduction to evidence law. 

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    New to the 13th Edition:  

    • Amended treatment of admissibility of completing statements, whether or not recorded (Rule 106). 
    • New provision allowing orders prohibiting excluded witnesses from accessing or receiving trial testimony (Rule 615). 
    • Amended provision for expert testimony, requiring the proponent to persuade the judge it is more likely than not that the expert’s opinion reflects a reliable application of appropriate principles and methods to the facts of the case (Rule 702).   

    Key Features: 

    • Structured chapters that present all the information a student needs to respond to the Example problems (the Explanations never rely on material that was absent from the chapter text)—making those problems a powerful reinforcement tool. 
    • A concise approach, with only 255 pages of text, giving ample coverage of the main topics in typical Evidence courses and giving appropriately briefer coverage of peripheral topics. 
    • A full presentation of the text of the Federal Rules, with “plain language” explanations, in a 56-page Appendix. 
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    Publication Date: 6/30/2023
    Copyright: 2023
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