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Evidence Law for Legal Assistants, First Edition

Neal R. Bevans


  • ISBN: 9798886143928

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    Evidence Law for Legal Assistants by experienced author Neal R. Bevans emphasizes the theory underlying evidentiary issues while highlighting real-world examples that are important in both civil and criminal law. This thoughtfully organized text targets the knowledge and evidentiary concepts most relevant to paralegal students. Throughout, the text underscores the practical aspects of the gathering and use of evidence, as well as issues directly pertaining to paralegals as they help prepare a case for trial, either from the defense or prosecution viewpoints. This accessible text is built around various rules, often citing the Federal Rules to provide context, adds case law to expand on the rule, and then offers insight into state laws and cases to round out the coverage.  

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    Publication Date: 9/15/2023
    Copyright: 2024
    Pages: 360
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