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BOOst your Exam Success

3L, Brooklyn Law

It's almost Halloween and, as the leaves reach their peak turning point, law students pass the half way mark of the fall semester. The wind picks up, the nights come quicker, and it seems like professors begin to talk faster than ever before. As a fellow law student once said, "We have a lot more to be worried about than a costume." While, the Scariness that enveloped me during 1L exams was almost worse than watching the exorcist as a child, I have found that starting to prepare for exams in early November can help my finals feel a bit more like Scary Movie 2. And so, in the spirit of America's most "Show and Tell" Holiday, here are some tips to BOOst your confidence for Fall Exams:

  1. ENJOY YOUR HALLOWEEN — It has always been my perspective that Halloween, especially when it falls so perfectly on a Friday or Saturday evening is meant to be thoroughly enjoyed. It marks the beginning of a responsible time to begin exam prep. If you're in to dressing up, do it. If you love candy, then go out and get some. Think of it as a last hoorah before you dedicate your weekends to some serious studying. No really, you deserve it.

  2. MAKE A CALENDAR — Starting with the month of November, figure out how many hours a week you want to study and carve out specific windows of time to do that. I recommend starting with several hours two days a week and gradually working it up as exams get closer. Keep in mind that outside events take up time and effort. Think about the type of event and how long it will really take you to attend (including transportation, etc.). Think of whether or not you will be able to study at all that day. Being organized will give you a sense of control and keep you calm, cool, and collected.

  3. ORDER YOUR STUDY AIDS EARLY — In my experience, I have found that taking the time to read study aids while reading your casebook is so much more beneficial than using an aid as a cramming tool right before an exam. The study aid will help you to pull the most important information out of your casebook and into your outline. Also, try your hardest to get supplements that are keyed to your casebook. It really helps to have page references so you can make sure you're not missing anything specific to your course. Seeing the information in two places and reading different explanations of a certain rule or holding will help you to be confident that you understand the information.

  4. STUDY WITH FRIENDS — This is something that many law students shy away from in true competitive fashion. I must say that no matter how smart you are or how good your notes are, studying with friends is one of the most beneficial things you could do to BOOst your confidence. You will be re assured that you are on the same page as other students and that there are no disadvantages before a test. Hearing different perspectives can help you to open your eyes and think more broadly on an exam.

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